Frequently Asked Questions

>> Is this software intuitive for someone who is a novice with computers?
Our goal at Pawntastic has always been to make the software easy to use.  We mean this, and not just for someone who has been around computers before.  Our software continues to be developed and tested in a working Pawn Store, with a turnover of staff who regularly have little or NO experience with Windows-based computers.  We have kept Menus to a minimum, maximizing the speed of each transaction by keeping most Options right on each screen, so you can find and use them at the click of a button. Check out the Demo Version of the software to see for yourself how easy it is to use!
>> What type of printer requirements is this software set up for? Do you recommend a printer type( dot matrix, laser, inkjet,)?
The software is compatible with any printer that operates with your Microsoft oprating system.  We recommend a laser printer with a very short warm-up and preparation cycle, in order to keep costs low and to maximize the efficiency of printer receipts while your customer is waiting.  Since transactions in Pawntastic can be as quick as 1 minute or less each, we don't want your customers waiting an additional 2 or 3 minutes while your printer does ITS job.
>> What size paper are the pawn tickets ( 8x11, 4x5, 3x5)?
Pawn tickets can be printed on half-sheets of letter paper (8.5 x 5.5" - we recommend that you just cut letter sheets in half with a paper cutter yourself in advance to 'cut' costs) or you can choose the option of printing two copies each on a perforated full letter sheet (8.5 x 11"). Specialty Forms are not required, just regular paper stock is required.   In the Option menu you can select which size you prefer, and how many copies will be printed automatically per transaction.  You always have the option of going back and re-printing a pawn ticket afterwards too, using the Re-Print ticket button on the Loan Details screen.
>> Does it meet U.S requirements?
Each State and County has its own requirements for reporting, many of which are similar.  If you provide us with your location and any details you have about local requirements for law enforcement reporting, we can compare the system with your required specs and determine how much, if any, work will be required to match your specifications.  Customizations to reporting are billed hourly and estimates are provided prior to work commencing, once we have an idea of your intended goals.  Modifications to enable automated reporting to comply with electronic Police Department systems may also be made in the same fashion.  Currently efforts are underway to ensure compliancy with Federal Regulations such as the Patriot Act.
>> Do we install the software ourselves?
We encourage you to install the Demo Version of the software first.  Installing the Demo Version will ensure that your system meets the System Requirements and is compatible with our software. This allows you to ensure that the program operates properly prior to your software license purchase.
>> Do you offer a Warranty?
While we support our product through Email and Phone correspondence with Customers that may have difficulties with initial setup and operation of the software, the complexities of offering a refund for purchased software licences makes it impractical for us to offer a Warranty for the purchase of the software.  All sales are final.  This is the reason why we offer a full working Demo Version for our product here on our website - We encourage you to try it out first so that you have tested the software in your working environment and are completely satisfied and informed prior to finalizing your software license purchase.  
>> Are there any other fees?
Aside from the purchase of the basic module, we also offer upgrades to the software and additional Services and Features on our  Pricing & Add-ons Page
Other than the cost of setting up your system to comply with the System Requirements, and other than the fees listed on our  Pricing & Add-ons Page for the products and services specified (FTP accounts, Custom Modification, Webcam Module, Support and Training) there are no additional or ongoing fees for running the software.