Pawn Shop software reviews

Another satisfied customer! "At the time that I installed ‘Pawntastic’ at the Rocky Mountain Trading Post at which I am a Pawnbroker, I was contemplating the addition of one more employee. To complete and review the Paperwork for each pawn ticket written was taking two minutes or more and customers were often lining up and showing signs of aggravation.

With ‘Pawntastic’, transactions seldom take over a minute (often 30 seconds or less). Installation was quick. Transition was simple. It didn’t require a barcode scanner or a whole lot of hi-tech, new and expensive equipment. ‘Pawntastic’ proved to be really easy to use and very, very flexible.

Now, Customers are happier, reporting is great, and best of all, I saved over $2,000.00 a month by not having to hire additional staff."

Ron Orletsky,
Rocky Mountain Trading Post,
Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, Canada

"We have been using Pawntastic for over three years now. We couldn't operate without it! Efficient, Precise, Complete, Easy access/Easy to use, Simple for new employees to use and well worth the investment! If you want to know how to start a pawnshop business, buying this software is the first thing you should do..."

Paul Chesterton,
Loans Manager,
Wild West Exchange,
St. Paul, Alberta

Another satisfied customer! "If you are looking for a way to manage a high volume business in Pawning, Title Loans and Payday Loans´s with Direct Deposit and credit capability then look no further. I´ve seen this system in action and I can say that once you see the capability and experience the ease of use you will be sold.

You will save hours of reviewing paper work. You will save precious time spent on the telephone and at the counter dealing with enquiries. You will gain profitability and add customers with the speed, efficiency and the power of this software.

Ron Belzil,
Trailer Canada,
St. Paul, Alberta, Canada

"Since my employer installed the Pawntastic program, all aspects of operating a pawn shop have become instantly easier.

Before Pawntastic, the day end procedure took almost half an hour. Now, it is a simple case of clicking on "day end" and all the data is available for printing, backing up, and closing the day. Closing procedure has gone from nearly 30 minutes to no more than five minutes. Which makes it nice for employees to leave earlier.

I loved working with the program ever since I opened my pawnshop, and have found it very user friendly.

Even a person who is just starting with computers can operate it. I love it!"

Dee Whiteowl,
Pawn Broker,
The White Elephant,
Rocky Mountain House, Alberta